Thank you

Along the way some wonderful people have given me a lot of advice and help for the book and also in helping me get started for this blog! So I want to say a BIG thank you!

Katie Leung

FIRSTLY thank you for coming up with the name for the blog and also being a photographer for my book as well as some for this blog.

Christopher Hawker

For being the second photographer, for spending so much time with us and being a great friend.

Debbie Chung-For being a food stylist when working with Chris and also eating all my foods.  Making me laugh far too much while working on the book.

Andrew Bentley Steed– giving me loads of advice on book.

Friends – You know who you are! Thanks for always being so willing to try my foods and polishing my plates!

Ho John- Giving me advice on book, blog, filming and Editing my cooking videos!

Mum and Grandma-For all the love and these authentic recipes. Wouldn’t have even got started without you two!

Martin- FINALLY last but not least my amazing husband for all your love and support. You are the best husband a girl could ask for.

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