My first Cookbook

In past years I have been working on a project, writing a cookbook about authentic recipes that I inherited from the wonderful women in my life. I decided to incorporate some history and stories behind each of the recipes and a lot of  photographs shot by Christopher Hawker, Katie Leung .and also myself as I am also a qualified photographer.

I do not have an agent or a publisher yet but towards the end stages I will be looking! So in the meantime I will concentrate on cooking up a storm, sharing and happily eating!


All photographs and written posts contents featured at Winse`s Wee Wok solely belong to the author at, unless otherwise stated. Any party interested in using any contents or photographs, partial, full, or intended for a repost, please contact for prior permission and let me know where it is located. If request is approved, please post a link direct to this site and give full credit.

I will not be liable for any of your food experience gone wrong. Please use good ingredients, follow good hygiene and follow at your own risk.

2 thoughts on “My first Cookbook

  1. As an author, you don’t have a publisher, there is the option of self publishing, the only one I know of so far is through
    It is FREE and they will sell it on Amazon and there are other options, of course they take a percentage. Sometging to think about is, when you self publish, YOU own all right, so you can sell as an e-book, or go to other self publishing companies.

    Later you may wish to go with a publisher, but you should definetly look into the link above, at least get an ISBN number established.
    Good Luck! I look forward to trying your recipes 🙂

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