Winse`s Wee Wok is a blog about authentic Chinese/ Hong Kong favourite recipes. All inherited from my mother and grandma which in turn were from many generations before them.

My aim is to share my passion, preserve and impart my family`s traditional recipes. These recipes are a collection of  all-time favourite dishes. The foods I grew up with, the foods I love to cook and eat at home.  I hope to inspire you to make these delicious dishes and to offer you an alternative to take away Chinese foods to achieve optimal health for yourself, your friends and for your family.

I was born in Scotland and spend 6 years of my childhood in Hong Kong. I have extremely fond memories of growing up in the city as its rich in culture, great weather, amazing buildings everywhere and most of all the foods! If there’s one thing that Hong Kong has a reputation for, it’s their food where culture and cuisine are inseparable!

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