Obession with foods

I have developed a love for food which has turned into an obsession. All my families and friends who knows me knows that I love food, I think about food all day, I watch the food channels all the time, have countless cookbooks from western to Caribbean books just so I can drool at the pictures.   I’m always cooking and eating. Most of all I enjoy it and most of all I love eating it!

I think my food obsession started with my early memories of helping my grandma preparing dumplings, rice parcels, savoury and sweet foods for celebrations. My aunty used to take me to sample foods at food stalls. Smelling the different aromas that fill the streets of goose, duck, roast pork bellies, char siu pork hanging from the stalls. There’s always a constantly cooking aroma that fills the air at every street I went to in Hong Kong. Can you blame me for my obsession?

When I came back to Scotland my obsession grew even more as there are not that many authentic restaurants and Chinese take away dominated the western palette views of what Chinese foods were like and what the Chinese really would eat.  Disgusted at my first attempt of greasy, msg and heavy laden Chinese take away foods I was determined to keep the traditional way of cooking in my mind and to learn how to prepare authentic meals everyday with my mum. Now I have inherited these recipes it’s my aim to share with you my love of foods. Hope you will enjoy cooking and eating these foods as much as I do!

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